China Calls for Alteration of UN Sanctions against Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA): China has requested the United Nations Security Council to adjust sanctions against Afghanistan considering the current conditions in the country.
Xinhua, the official news agency of China, has reported, that Gang Shuang, the deputy representative of China to the United Nations, stated that Afghanistan is in a critical stage of reconstruction and revitalization.

The international community must strengthen constructive engagement with the authorities of this country to emerge from the humanitarian crisis and boost the economy and livelihoods of the people.

He also emphasized “improving human rights in Afghanistan and the country’s return to the family of nations.” He added: Terrorist threats in Afghanistan remain serious. The international community must assist Afghanistan in combating all terrorist forces.

Geng Shuang stated, that the Security Council must ensure that the regime of sanctions has an impact on improving peace and stability in Afghanistan, and at the same time, adjustments should be made to these sanctions given the current conditions.

He said China believes that the Security Council should facilitate genuine interaction between the international community and Afghanistan by timely adjustments to sanctions, preventing the negative effects of these sanctions on the livelihood of the Afghan people and the development of the country.

The Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations added, in the first step, that the Security Council should consider lifting sanctions exemptions on the travel of certain officials of the Islamic Emirate as soon as possible.

China has always considered such exemptions as a necessary tool to facilitate dialogue and interaction, believing that this issue should not be used as a means of coercion or pressure.

This comes as the United Nations Security Council has extended the mandate of the committee overseeing sanctions against the Islamic Emirate for another year, a decision that may seem unjustifiable.


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