Bamyan Governor and OCHA Head Discuss Humanitarian Aid and Local Needs

KABUL(BNA): Mawlawi Abdullah Sarhadi, the Governor of Bamyan, recently met with the new head of the OCHA office in the province to discuss humanitarian aid and the needs of local residents.

During the meeting, Ms. Mirna Aho, the new head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Bamyan, expressed her gratitude for the attention and cooperation of the provincial authorities. She stated that OCHA aims to distribute humanitarian aid to flood-affected victims and needy residents of Bamyan in coordination with the local leadership.

Ms. Aho also announced the continuation of humanitarian aid efforts in Bamyan’s center and districts, reaffirming OCHA’s commitment to addressing the needs of the province’s residents through beneficial projects.

Governor Sarhadi praised the activities and services of the OCHA office in the Bamyan zone and highlighted that the nationwide security has provided a better environment for the activities of aid organizations.

Additionally, Governor Sarhadi called for the distribution of humanitarian aid to those in need in Bamyan and requested the repair and reconstruction of roads in the province’s districts, particularly the road in Dara Shikari, which was damaged by recent floods.


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