Art Competitions Held At Maimanagi Gallery

Monday, May 26, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Professor Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Learning Center held yesterday art competitions attended by more than 200 youth and children.
Director of the learning center Sayed Mohammad Sabir Hashimi told The Kabul Times, “Students from various parts of the country are at art center for receiving drawing, weaving minatory, painting, calligraphy, tailoring, designing, engraving and computer.”
He said Maimanagi Gallery would launch a number of competitions which would be attended by nearly 200 youths and children.
“The competitions aimed at improvement of student’s talents, encouragement and motivation of the students and building their capacity in various art sections,” Hashimi added.
Related to the issue, painting director for Maimanagi Gallery Najibullah Najib said, “Directorate of Maimanagi Gallery launches are competitions every year for improvement of art talents of the gallery, adding we held painting competition in the first, week of the art competitions.” It is worth mentioning that winners in the competitions will receive gifts and appreciation letters.

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