Afghanistan Close to Self-Sufficiency in Salt Production: Minister Delawer


KABUL(BNA): The Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum announced at the recent bid opening session that Afghanistan is on the brink of achieving self-sufficiency in salt production.

During the session, Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar, the Acting Minister, highlighted the significance of this milestone. The event, which took place in the Dawlatabad district of Faryab province, saw bids for three salt mines spanning 14.5 kilometers and involved ten competing companies.

Minister Delawar emphasized that Afghanistan is well on its way to meeting its entire domestic salt demand through local production.

He noted that Afghanistan currently requires 300,000 tons of salt annually, with 100,000 tons already being produced within the country. This progress marks a significant step toward reducing dependency on imports and boosting the national economy.

Furthermore, officials at the session praised the quality of Afghan salt, claiming it to be among the best in the world. They reiterated ongoing efforts to ensure complete self-sufficiency in salt production, which is essential for the nation’s economic stability. The mining sector has been instrumental in funding critical infrastructure projects, including road construction, and covering salaries in both the civil and military sectors.

Last year, the mining industry contributed over 17 billion dollars, and this year it has already provided more than one billion dollars for various national needs.

Additionally, officials stressed that the country’s mineral resources belong to all 36 million citizens, and measures have been taken to prevent any smuggling activities.


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