Afghanistan Exports Reach More than $166 Million Last Month


KABUL (BNA): The National Statistical and Information Authority (NSIA) states that the total value of the country’s exports in the current solar year’s month of Qaws (December 2023) was $166.5 million.

According to a statement issued by NSIA, the overall value of exports was $166.5 million, while the total value of imports was $791 million, based on the figures linked to the country’s exports and imports last month.

According to the statement, comparing the value of the country’s exports and imports in Qaws of this year to the same month last year shows an increase in exports.

In the same period last year, the export value was $154 million and the import value was $735.8 million, representing an increase of $12.5 million in export value and $55.2 million in import value.

The statement says that the highest exports in the last month of this year were to Pakistan, India, and the United Arab Emirates, while most of the imports came from Iran, Pakistan, and China.


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