Afghanistan and Italy Collaborate on Housing Projects to Improve Bamyan Living Conditions


KABUL(BNA): Sheikh Hamdullah Noomani, Acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing, met with Dr. Mariela Loda, President of the University of Florence, Italy, at his office to discuss the urban living conditions of Bamyan residents.

During the meeting, Dr. Mariela Loda expressed her intention to implement two housing projects in Bamyan province, with a budget of $300,000 USD provided by Italy.

She stated her plan to build 100 houses for families currently living in caves in Bamyan. Additionally, she mentioned a plan to improve the Zargran area in the province, which aims to enhance the overall conditions of the area.

Sheikh Hamdullah Noomani assured Dr. Mariela Loda and her spouse that the proposal for the Zargran area development would be reviewed by the technical team of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing. After evaluation, the implementation of the project will be considered.

Regarding the construction of the 100 houses, Sheikh Hamdullah Noomani emphasized the need to ensure the land is not encroached upon. If the land belongs to the Islamic Emirate, permission for its transfer must be obtained from the Supreme Leader.

In conclusion, Noomani instructed the relevant officials to first review the plans and then propose the transfer of the land to the Supreme Leader for approval.


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