Acting Foreign Minister, Emphasizes Islamic Emirate’s Engagement in Doha Talks


KABUL(BNA): Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, held a productive meeting with Thomas Niklasson, the European Union Special Representative for Afghanistan, Yesterday, June 2nd in Kabul.

During the meeting, Mr. Niklasson emphasized the importance of the participation of representatives from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the upcoming third Doha meeting, where significant issues are set to be discussed.

Meanwhile, the Acting Foreign Minister Muttaqi, mentioned that he had a productive conversation with Rosemary DiCarlo, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, in Kabul.

Muttaqi added that the Islamic Emirate is currently evaluating the format of the Doha meeting and will announce its position on the matter in due course.

Notably, the Acting Foreign Minister stressed that the Islamic Emirate’s policy is based on balanced and positive engagement with all countries. He expressed a desire for meaningful participation in the third Doha meeting, aiming for outcomes that would improve the situation for the people of Afghanistan.

He also highlighted that Afghanistan has achieved unprecedented security after 45 years of war and destruction and has made significant positive strides in various sectors, reflects the nation’s resilience and dedication to rebuilding a stable and prosperous future.


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