150 Diverse Infrastructure Projects Implemented in Herat Worth $45M USD

KABUL(BNA): Commencing with over 150 irrigation and construction projects, Herat is set to witness significant advancements in infrastructure development.

These projects include water canals, road construction, retaining walls, canal structures, gabion walls, flood diversion channels, and underground aqueducts, amounting to a total value of approximately $45 million USD, supported financially by the World Food Program (WFP).

Deputy Governor Mawlavi Hayatullah Mahajer Farahi of Herat stressed the significance of employment generation, balanced development, and enhancing people’s livelihoods in the districts. He highlighted that the execution of developmental projects remains a top priority for the local administration.

Meanwhile, Mawlawi Pir Mohammad Halimi, Head of Agriculture in Herat, highlighted ongoing efforts to synchronize similar projects in collaboration with international institutions across the region. 


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