2 Manufacturing Factories Opened in Herat

HERAT (BNA) Acting Commerce and industry Minister Nooruddin Azizi with the support of Afghan businessmen inaugurated two manufacturing factories worth $4 million in the western province of Afghanistan the other day.

Minister Azizi said: “The cotton-processing and oxygen-producing factories were established in Herat Industrial Park will meet businessmen’s challenges, and will provide better opportunities for investors in Herat,”.

Opportunities for business provided in the country he added, calling on Afghan investors to return to their country.
The businessmen have fewer challenges compared with the past said Hamidullah Khadem, chairman of the province’s Chamber of Industries and Mines.

Adding that Islamic Emirate provide better opportunities for investors in the country.

Nearly 4 million U.S. dollars have been invested in the said factories, and hundreds of local workers would be hired as the factories started operation, according to Khadem.

Minister Azizi, during his visit to Herat, besides the inauguration of these two factories, opened the women’s handicrafts exhibition of domestic products in Herat.

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